Smart Summer Products for Affiliates + Influencers to Market with Smarthome

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Summer is almost upon us and with it comes swimming, gardening, trips and spending time in the great outdoors. Smarthome products are designed to make life more convenient, we love technology! Here are some great products that help save money and make Summer more enjoyable.

The number one Summer Essential is the Nest Learning Thermostat, 3rd Generation.

The Nest Thermostat is smart enough to know when you're away! It has built in sensors and uses GPS data from your smartphone. It can raise or lower the temperature when no one is home and automatically adjusts based on needs. Small changes to your thermostat settings can impact your monthly energy bill andNest lets you know when you're saving energy.

When your on the go and off to a summer adventure you don't want to ever worry that you left your curling iron or coffee maker on. Never again with the WeMo Home Automation Switch. Everything plugged into it can be easily turned off by using the app. Remotely check in on an appliance or electronic device and turn it off (or on), set a schedule and monitor and control energy usage. If also works with Amazon Alexa, so you can turn things off remotely.

We love smart light bulbs! They can be program to turn on when you're pulling into your driveway or when it gets dark outside. They are a great security while on vacation since they can create the illusion of someone being home. WigWag WWFILAMENT01 Filament Smart RGBW works with standard light fixtures and can be adjusted for color and brightness.

Boost your air conditioner, and stay cool with the Suncourt Flush Mount Heating and Air Conditioning Booster Fan. Increasing Airflow from Your Vents by up to 85%! Save money with your Summer cooling bills (& heating.) This replaces a standard 4" x 10" vent for a professional flush mount finish and flush mount adapters are available for different sizes. The booster fan can be turned on or off manually, or it can be set to automatically come on when airflow is sensed.

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