Princess Sleepy - Nest Bedding® Video Highlight ~

Here ye here ye! Affiliates + Influencers who blog or use social media have so many tools they can leverage as far as media collateral for Nest Bedding®. On the Nest Bedding® You tube channel as well as within the LinkShare affiliate network (In the media section) you will find videos you can use in your content to really push that conversion from your traffic.

One of our favorite Nest Bedding® videos is with the character Princess Sleepy, " The search for the best mattress in the land!" This is a sweet video that really conveys the message concerning sleep comfort that is fit for Royalty. Why sleep on an over priced mattress or even HAY for that matter when you can have a sweet Nest bed! Who shall come to her rescue? Prince Rest-a-lot!! A perfect scenario for a fun marketing campaign for your traffic.

If you are not yet a Nest Bedding® affiliate or influencer partner please click here and sign up - the Nest Bedding® affiliate program is in either LinkShare or ShareaSale.


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