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Summer Hats with HatCountry.com

Summer is fast approaching and its time for everyone to choose a straw hat. A straw hat provides protection from the hot sun and are perfect for outdoor workers, concert-goers, weekend explorers and of course by the beach or pool.

Wool isn’t appropriate for the heat and humidity of summer, so put it away til next season. Its all about a straw hat! Luckily there’s a wide variety of straw hats to suit every taste and fashion style.

Lets start with the classic Straw Cowboy Hat. Most have a quality proven sweatband that keeps the wearer dry and comfortable in the Summer heat. Hatcountry has a wide variety of straw styles for every budget.

Straw Fedora Hat are an excellent choice and very fashionable for so many occasions. They are casual, sophisticated and practical keeping one cool and comfortable while in the sun.

The Straw Sun Hat is a favorite of Gardeners and those who are seeking more Sun protection. Sun Hats help cover your head as well as shoulders, many styles from Diva-like to farmer girl. This is a very popular look while at a resort or at the beach.

These Hat genre's all have so many styles within them, they can be trendy, classic and the many looks in between.

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