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Affiliate program management provided by a dedicated team such as the one with can alleviate the need for merchants to attempt to hire knowledgable in house staff. Our team has access to all of the primary affiliate networks and a strong relationship with the super affiliates in all merchant verticals such as: Retail, Fashion, Jewelry, B2B Leads, Furniture, Luggage, Travel, Bedding, and many more.

An affiliate program should be looked at as a long term marketing channel that grows over time. Recruiting super affiliates and bringing them to awareness concerning your programs commissions, products, offers as well as seasonalities take a consorted effort by our team. Affiliate programs scale with time and increase their value over the months and years. Staying on top of recruiting and super affiliate relationships is a primary factor in scaling an affiliate program.

Considerations for a Profitable Affiliate Program.

1. What is your budget to hire an affiliate management team?

2. Which high AOV products or services do you want to focus on concerning increased sales?

3. Offering coupons regularly keeps the programs offers fresh and keeps affiliate engaged, prepare to offer coupons, offers, and we will build the marketing campaigns and media for them and get them out to our affiliate partners.

4. Do you know that we can obtain serious network launch discounts for you? Contact HPC Management

5. Are you selling on Amazon? Can you discount their pricing per your contract to compete against their affiliates?

6. Internal small tracking solutions do not provide the number of affiliate partners you need to scale, contact us and we will take you through a phone consultation.

We offer affiliate management services to merchants with varied budgets for monthly management services. Our teams focus of recruiting as well as developing robust media and offers that convert is a big factor in success.

If you are looking for an affiliate management agency to manage your affiliate program please feel free to reach out to today!


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