The Art of Zen Affiliate Communications

Intra Network Communications and Extra Network Communications - two different ways of communicating with the mass of affiliate + influencer partners we manage in third party networks. There is also the good old phone call as well as direct emailing.

Intra Network Communications with affiliates involves pushing a program wide affiliate newsletter or email blast within the affiliate network environment so you can communicate quickly with all or a select group of your affiliate partners. They do get a lot of newsletters from merchants so here are a few tricks to getting them to open the newsletter or intra network email.

Intra Network Communications

1. The subject line should support your offer as well as engage them - get them curious!

2. Short and sweet get to the point in your body content!

3. Do you have new media? Then use dynamic includes to put the media in the newsletter so affiliate partners can quickly access it.

4. New coupons you want affiliates to run with should include the expiration date they are not psychics!

5. Incentivize the communication - Example would be asking the affiliate bloggers to write a blog post about one of your products and send you the link so you can push it in social media giving them some social amplification.

Extra Network Communications

1. Better to have a one on one email conversation to stay away from spam lists

2. Gmail is super sensitive right now so don't add a file to a new email address or you could go right to spam, perhaps add a link to an online pdf ;-)

3. No inlay graphics especially in a new email to a new affiliate - they can login to the network to see the media!

Just a few pointers to help out merchants who are managing their own affiliate programs, creating a communications process really helps organize and streamline your affiliate communications. Or you can hire a team of affiliate managers who can do this for you. Contact if you need assistance with your affiliate program. We can streamline your affiliate communications like zen zen!


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