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Smarthome affiliates here is a blog post idea for your marketing efforts! Sign up to become a Smarthome affiliate by clicking here.

Having a Smarthome can help streamline your home and life as well as organize your families time and save you money on your electric bills.

Smarthome has a large range of very smart electronics products that monitor, set timers and regulate your home.

Products like The Nest Learning Thermostat helps saves energy, it auto schedules, auto-aways and has remote operation features.

Philips Hue has adjustable colored bulbs and white/natural light option that is available as a dimming kit. Its not connected to a hub or larger system, just screw the bulb into any light outlet and use the included remote to dim it or turn it off. Dimmed lights save energy and provide a better mood in your home.

A whole section of Energy Monitors like The TED PRO HOME Real-time in-home Electricity Monitor that's great for performing household energy audits-allowing you to predict monthly bills, cut costs, and reduce waste.

Many of these products can pay for themselves and save money eventually. Investing a little more cash now can save money in the long run and make and lessen your environmental impact.

Increase Security can bring peace of mind while away from the house or on vacation. Smart locks, motion detectors, and cameras are a great investment to keep your home secure.

Affiliates and Influencers Smarthome has a great Affiliate program in Linkshare, Shareasale and CJ networks. Pick your favorite and join! Here.

New Spring and Summer media are being added to all Affiliate Networks!

Smarthome Affiliate Program Details

  • 4% Commission

  • 30 Day Cookie

  • PPC Direct Linking & Domain in Display URL Allowed! (please no bidding on brand name unless it has a long tail extension of terms)

  • High Conversion rate, AOV $250+

  • Influencers + Social Media Welcome - check our Press & News for content!

  • Bloggers welcome - use our product images and affiliate links!

  • Coupon affiliates: Join us, we have monthly offers, coupons, and promotions for you to market!

  • Emailer Affiliates - YES make sure your list is opt in only and follow our Clearance section for fresh content!

Merchants if your interested in talking more about our services to benefit your Affiliate Program Contact the HPC Affiliate Management team .


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