Recruiting Super Affiliates To your Affiliate Program

Identifying a super affiliates is not easy for a merchant who does not have a history in this space! There are so many super affiliates all over the world and unless you have access to a history of their performance inside an affiliate network then how can you identify a super affiliate? This is one of the main reasons why affiliate management agencies are so popular in this marketing niche. We have years of experience actually working with these super affiliates and we can identify any new super affiliate partners immediately based on their performance in our reporting interface.

How Do We Identify A Super Affiliate?

Sales.... Period!!

We of course look at all data from super affiliate partners such as clicks and impressions however the CPA or affiliate marketing channel is about sales, hard fact not beating around the bush!

We don't buy media we don't buy impressions we pay on a SALE! SO, we identify super affiliate partners who can actually convert their traffic. We appreciate working with the glitzy sites that request custom coupons or special incentives from our merchants and can show us all kinds of traffic, however we primarily view supers only through the lens of ACTUAL performance.. This is a Performance marketing channel based on SALES not impressions.

If your interested in launching or having your affiliate program professionally managed contact HPC Management Inc!!


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