Smarthome Products for Affiliates to Spring into Focus!

It may be cold out there right now but spring is just around the corner! As the weather warms up we're looking forward to tending our gardens and even cleaning up the pool or spa for some action.

Smarthome Affiliates and Influencers, HPC Affiliate Management Team has picked out the lastest Spring and Summer must haves from Smarthome! Spring shopping is already here and your traffic will LOVE these great gadgets:

Everyone is familiar with the indoors Roomba - but have you heard about the outdoors Robomow? Robomow is a robotic lawnmower that mows and maintains a lawn on its own. Robomow requires a simple one-time installation of a base station and a perimeter wire, which will mark the lawn boundaries. And not to worry, there is a long list of safety features to keep you at ease.

Skydrop Irrigation Controller this is the secret to a successful garden and greener lawn. Skydrop = more time enjoying the lawn than working on it! This device determines the optimal watering times to keep a lawn looking its best while saving 35% on water use.

Floatron Solar Powered Pool Purifier is a low maintenance purification system. It can purify Your Pool and help the cut back chlorine by 80%! The reviews speak for themselves - this solar powered purifier works it's magic all on it's own.

And light it all up with OSRAM Garden spot mini lights. These are fully customizable and adaptable by the touch of a button, just open the app. Perfect for outdoor dinner parties, night time dips in the pool, or just lighting the path, these lights are sure to brighten your home.

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