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Smarthome Affiliates and Influencers, looking to engage your traffic more on Smarthome? Let's talk about INSTEON!

INSTEON is a great selling, reliable home control and automation technology that uses both wires and radio-frequency.

What does your traffic know about Insteon? Let them know that its:

Reliable- strong signal, that gets stronger with every device.

Simple- no need for an IT expert with INSTEON

Fast- no delay

INSTEON can be integrated easily and at a low cost. Home owners can monitor or control doors, windows, motion, water leaks, smoke and more. All easily from their mobile device. Its a total game changer!

Insteon Home Automation Starter Kits are great place to start.

Affiliates share this with your traffic along with Smarthome Q1 Media, Banners and Coupons.

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  • 4% Commission

  • 30 Day Cookie

  • PPC Direct Linking & Domain in Display URL Allowed! (please no bidding on brand name unless it has a long tail extension of terms)

  • High Conversion rate, AOV $250+

  • Influencers + Social Media Welcome - check our Press & News for content!

  • Bloggers welcome - use our product images and affiliate links!

  • Coupon affiliates: Join us, we have monthly offers, coupons, and promotions for you to market!

  • Emailer Affiliates - YES make sure your list is opt in only and follow our Clearance section for fresh content!

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The Landing pages for these banners are as follows though you must get your AFFILIATE links with tracking code directly from the network(s) these links are not for you to use in your marketing efforts, they are just to show you the landing URL's for your traffic.

AMAZON Alexa Google Home Apple Home Kit LIFX

PPC Affiliates direct linking is ok

Use of domain in display url is ok


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