6 great Affiliate tools you should already be using!

6 great Affiliate tools you should already be using!

Google Analytics This is step one. Google Analytics shows you where your traffic comes from and what pages are most visited on your site. This is a powerful and helpful tool.

BuzzSumo Is a great tool for my content marketing and SEO campaigns. It quickly identifies what content has had the most recent shares, showing who the major influencers are and what's up in the industry.

Need Content Ideas? Content Idea Generator will create hundreds of ideas for blog posts, articles, tweets, white-paper and e-books, videos, podcasts and on & On! Register for free, answer 18 simple questions about your product or services and ta-da there are the ideas.

In this highly competitive affiliate world there's Keyword Spy! This useful tool will help you generate keyword lists and will let you know what top affiliates are promoting which products, and where.

Stay on the top of the wave with QuickSprout’s Web Analyzer. This software is for supreme website optimization. First it Analyzes your website then offers a review and suggestions for optimized content. It will also give you a report on your competitors and how your site compares to theirs.

PopShops.com easily work with and develop your affiliate storefront using PopShops.com this is a helpful handy tool that assists you in working with merchant datafeeds. Easily add products to your site or blog!

Hope these tools help out on your affiliate journey!


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