Pure + Premium Products from Purium Launching in LinkShare

Affiliates and Influencers get ready because the HPC Affiliate Management team is preparing the Purium affiliate program in Rakuten Linkshare for launch!. Purium is one of the leading health and wellness companies online. ishoppurium.com

Purium is trending on social media quite a bit, made very popular by their 10 day transformation products.. Reviews are raving how the nourishing protocol is instilling healthy habits, healthy food really matters! ...

Pure + Premium Products from Purium

100 years ago, all food was organic. It grew in clean, mineral-rich soil and clean, mineral-rich water – no chemicals, herbicides or pesticides.

Today, real food has been replaced by corporate-produced fast, cheap, addictive, processed food-like stuff. Purium goes back to the original purity standards. No artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, binders, fillers, hormones, pesticides, irradiated or genetically-modified ingredients. Just real food. Super food. For super results. Purium offers a solution that benefits our bodies, as well as the Earth.

Blogger and Influencers that are into health, diet, weight-loss, yoga and fitness this is a program for you. Your traffic will love healthy success stories and all the Super Foods that are:

  • 100% NON-GMO

  • Backed by a 60-Day Unconditional Guarantee

  • Certified kosher and certified organic food products.

Affiliate + Influencer Commissionable Tiers will be as follows

5% Base

10% Monthly Sales over $5K

15% Monthly Sales over $10K

20% Monthly Sales over $20K

We will announce here on our blog when the program goes live, this is one of the most popular online nutrition companies and we know you are all very eager. Let's get ready to thrive with Purium!

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