Welcome New Client The Agility Bed by THERAPEDIC®

Affiliates and Influencers HPC Management Team is happy to now be managing The Agility Bed by THERAPEDIC® Affiliate Program that is live in the ShareaSale affiliate network - Sign up here.

The Agility Bed by THERAPEDIC® is a big brand, that has been trusted for six decades. They offer premium, hybrid pre-packaged mattresses and stylish foundations- all available in the traditional bed sizes. The Agility Bed by THERAPEDIC® attractive hybrid mattress is scientifically engineered to fulfill every requirement to experience perfect sleep. All the while, meeting the high standards associated with the THERAPEDIC® name.

Mattress Affiliates + Influencers

Your traffic will love the convenience of free shipping and the best sleep guaranteed – 100 Night Free Trial offer!

The Agility Bed by THERAPEDIC® Affiliate Program offers affiliate and influencer partners $50 for every sale that comes from their affiliate links!

Affiliate Program Description:

Affiliate Commission: $50.00 per sale with a 90 day Cookie

PPC Bidding is Allowed:

  • Yes direct linking ok

  • Use of domain in display url ok

  • Please do not bid on our trademark terms, go after long tail terms!

  • Social media + bloggers allowed

  • Email affiliates must have double opt in SPAM/ACT compliant lists

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Contact HPC Affiliate Management Team with any questions about this affiliate program at HPC@HPCManagement.co


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