Holiday Shopping Spotlight HotDeals!

Merchants want to meet a super cool affiliate partner who has a high traffic conversion rate? HPC Affiliate Management team wants to let you know about

This is a coupon site based in Hong Kong, with a large traffic reach. What we really like about hotdeals is the conversion rate is really high!!

Anybody can register and post information on coupon deals, codes or other hot deals. This creates a platform where everyone is sharing deals with one another.

It's a camaraderie site! With every member sharing and contributing tips on Christmas deals, travel, coupons promo codes, discounts and sales.

Deals and promo codes are being constantly updated on the site, offering up to date information. This keeps consumers coming back daily to find fresh coupons and fresh deals!

Merchants, HPC Affiliate Management team has relationships with many super affiliate partners. To learn more about HPC Affiliate program management and super affiliate recruiting reach out to us here.


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