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Merchants really need to keep their product data feed optimized, its one of the most important assets in online marketing. There are many tools to help, but today's spotlight is on Live feeds. is a product content management service for distributed commerce. This ecommerce automation platform focuses on live feeds for retailers, brands and publishers. The difference between and other feed providers is that they have used the latest marketing technology to keep the data consistent.

With retailers and publishers can easily syndicate many data feed channels without any extra management overhead or development, meeting the requirements of marketing channels quickly and easily. A big plus is having all affiliates and channels on a single screen for a quick review and communications. Also alerts can send notifications with any issues and is available via email support.

Affiliates LiveFeeds monitors a retailer's site for changes. Once a change is detected our platform sends a notification to every affiliate/publisher requesting they update. Publishers then download only the product information that has changed, not the whole feed, this makes the process faster and more efficient. LiveFeeds brings an end to feed-lag and waiting for a retailer to republish their feed to resync it with their site. LiveFeeds empowers publishers to only send customers on to propositions that are consistent with what is advertised on their site. Conversion is increased and wasted traffic is dramatically reduced.

HPC Affiliate Management team has relationships with many super affiliate partners. To learn more about HPC Affiliate program management and super affiliate recruiting reach out to us here.

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