Seasons Greetings Merchants! Super Affiliate Spotlight

HPC Affiliate Management Team wants to do a special shout out about XEXEC. We thought you might want to know about them this holiday season, since they are all about customer and staff appreciation.

This company's primary focus is driving engagement for both Staff and customers, believing an engaged audience will boost your ROI. And that makes sense.

A couple ways that they engage is by Employee Discounts and Customer perks. Discount Deals are on Travel, Concert and on over 3000 Retail Spots.

Lifestyle Concierge offers telephone assistance 24/7! Along with Global and Home Concierge, need a plumber? They got you.

This reward program helps increase motivation in employees, not to mention make them feel pretty special.

Online reviews are positive. has Xexec as 100% user satisfaction and a score 8.3 out of 10. There are a few options for merchants. Business big names like J.P. Morgan, AA, Westfield are already using Xexec.

HPC Affiliate Management team has relationships with many super affiliate partners. If you are interested in learning more about HPC Affiliate program management and super affiliate recruiting reach out to us here.


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