New Affiliate Program LAUNCHED! Ultra Web Hosting in LinkShare

UltraWebHosting provides terms from one month all the way out to three years providing more flexibility to clients and a much higher conversion for you. With cookies lasting 365 days this can be a great way to accumulate commissions quickly. We have a tiered payout structure so you can earn even more! Sign up for this hosting affiliate program in LinkShare by clicking here! Affiliate Program Terms in LinkShare

Hosting Plan Commission Payouts

Ultra 1x - $5 Ultra Unlimited - $10 Ultra Unlimited Pro - $15 Ultra Reseller - $20 Ultra VPS - $30 Ultra Dedicated - $45 Cookie 365 days Serviceable countries US, Canada, Australia and the UK PPC Affiliates OK - direct linking use of domain in display url ok no bidding on TM terms Social Media affiliates OK Influencers welcome Coupons, promotions, offers Holiday media! Tiered commission structure

Let us know if you have any questions about the affiliate program, contact HPC Affiliate Management Team

Warmest Regards,

HPC Affiliate Management Team



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