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The Do's and Don't of Hat Etiquette for the Holidays and Beyond!

HPC Affiliate Management Team love hats! We love cozy winter hats, shade bringing summer hats and especially the stylish and functional hats of fall.

Hats are functional and fashionable accessory worn both sexes but there is a certain protocol to be followed for Gentlemen and for the ladies.

So without further adieu here are the Do’s and Don’ts of Hat Etiquette:

The Don’ts:

For the Gentlemen take the Hats off when your at….

  • Someone’s Private home

  • During a meal or at Restaurants

  • In the Office or at Work (unless it’s required)

  • In a courthouse, City Hall, Police Station, school or other public buildings.

  • At the movies or a Play

A gentleman also tips or removes his hat at the beginning of introductions.

The fella’s can leave it on for…

  • Sporting events

  • Outdoor concerts

  • While traveling on trains, planes and buses

  • At casual dining spot or casual bars, like dive bars or fast food joints.

  • Anything else out of doors

For the ladies fashionable hats they can remain on most of the time.

  • In a home

  • At parties, weddings, brunches

  • In the movies or shows

Ladies take the topper off if…

  • If it blocks a person’s view at a show or wedding

  • While working indoors

These are the basic Hat guidelines for gentlemen and ladies. Use discernment for each situation. For example your “wild hat hair” might be more offensive than the hat at a home ,then leave it on. Perhaps mention it casually “Pardon my hat friends, its best if I leave it on..”

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