Winter Wedding Flower Jewelry Affiliate Program FlowerMoon® by KITTOUNE®.

Affiliates and Influencers we want to spotlight a very Special piece from a lovely brand FlowerMoon® by KITTOUNE®.

FlowerMoon® preserves real flowers for eternity in gold- and silver-plated jewelry with colorful and luxurious cords and stones, with the aim of making boutique/designer luxury fashion jewelry affordable and attainable for all.

The spotlight shines on Spirea Flower pendants. HPC Affiliate Management team LOVES this flower, specifically since it can help us love even more! Spirea Flower’s help open your heart, break down protective barriers that could be up to encourage more compassion. This flower also boosts creativity, vitality and helps balance chakras.

This is all based on flower readings, which are nothing new. Flowers have always been used in healing way all throughout history. For example Thieves oil which is a blend of flowers and other herbs were used in 15th century during the bubonic plague.

The Spirea flower is showcased in a lightweight necklace with pink acrylic set in a flower-shaped, gold-plated frame and sparkling pink rhinestone accents.

Let this mystical and magical jewelry help romance the fall. Picturing loved ones taking long walks, holding hands maybe resting on a wooden bench for a warm thermos of tea? You can set the scene and just let the Spirea flower to open your heart.

FlowerMoon®, whose products are designed and completed in the USA and have been featured in national fashion/lifestyle magazines such as OK! and Redbook!

10% of profits are donated each year to initiatives supporting mental health research and treatment.

Join the Affiliate Program!

We have created some fantastic media for bloggers, social media affiliates, PPC search marketers, as well as ad display purchaser affiliates and emailers.

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FlowerMoon® by KITTOUNE® welcomes you to our brand, and are excited that you have an interest in working with us as an affiliate and Influencer partner.

We invite your traffic to "Wear. Your. Wonderland." with FlowerMoon® jewelry!



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