Do you know? eCommerce Holiday Tips for Increased Merchant Sales

The busiest time of the year is almost here, Shopping Season 2017! If you haven’t started planning, get to it. Here are some of our best tips for an increase in Merchant Sales this Holiday.

* Start a promotional calendar, things are going to get busy. Mark all important dates and milestones, email campaigns ext. Communication software like base camp is amazing for team collaboration and planning.

* Figure out your campaign strategy. Start your plan and Budget for social ads, email marketing, pay per click and online advertisements. In addition to marketing on Google, Facebook and Instagram, think about reaching out and websites less traveled by marketing like Reddit, Pinterest, Quora and YouTube.

* What ads have already been successful for you? Do those again, retarget previous customers. Make sure your email marketing is eye catching, clever and click worthy.

* What’s the holiday deal to offer? Extra services, discount, rebates…. something that is going to stick out. Everyone is actively looking for deals this season. Also don't forget about offering free gift wrapping a popular promotion this time of year.

* Set up a retargeting campaign and/ or use browse abandonment company like SaleCycle to recover lost sales.

* Get your SEO optimized hit all the keywords for the holidays, add new keywords in there to hit the season’s traffic.

* Be prepared. Is your site ready for extra traffic, enough bandwidth for the seasonal Spike? Works well on mobile devices? Will your inventory be ready to ship & available. Do you need extra help, additional staff. Make sure this is all set as soon as possible. Sales should be fluid and easy, aim to make customers have an awesome experience. The goal is to have customers to become repeat buyers. Rewards programs and loyalty apps will nurture customer relationships. Think long term.

Early Planning is a key to success and ease for Q4. Prioritize all projects to be accomplished and stay on top of calendar tasks. After all Tis the Season to enjoy.

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