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When is the Super Bowl in 2018?

Super Bowl 52, also known as Super Bowl LII, is scheduled for Sunday, Feb. 4. The kickoff time would be determined at a later date.

Where is the Super Bowl in 2018?

Super Bowl 52 will be played in Minneapolis at U.S. Bank Stadium, which will have just finished hosting its second Minnesota Vikings season after being built in time for the 2016 NFL season.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell announced in May of 2014 that Minnesota and its new stadium would host the Super Bowl in 2018. The stadium seats 66,200 but can be expanded to fit up to 70,000 people.

The game will be the first Super Bowl in Minnesota since Super Bowl XXVI, when the Washington Redskins defeated the Buffalo Bills, 37-24, on Jan. 26, 1992 at The Metrodome.

NFL Games of 2017

Hey there Affiliates and Influencers who are football fans. We just compiled the top NFL matchups this season. These games are not to be missed! You can link your traffic to these games once you are an approved affiliate for Tickets.Cheap using the CJ deep link tool.

The games have already kicked off and here is the next biggest game:

San Francisco 49ers at Washington Redskins

Week 6: Sunday, October 15

Pittsburgh Steelers at Kansas City Chiefs

Week 6: Sunday, October 15

Atlanta Falcons at New England Patriots

Week 7: Sunday, October 22

New Orleans Saints at Green Bay Packers

Week 7: Sunday, October 22

Buccaneers at Tampa Panthers

Week 8: Sunday October 29

Houston Texans at Seattle Seahawks

Week 8: Sunday, October 29

Dallas Cowboys at Atlanta Falcons

Week 10: Sunday, November 12

New England Patriots at Oakland Raiders (Mexico City)

Week 11: Sunday, November 19

Broncos at Raiders

Week 12: Sunday November 26

Titans at Colts

Week 12: November 26

Denver Broncos at Miami Dolphins

Week 13: Sunday, December 3

Philadelphia Eagles at Los Angeles Rams

Week 14: Sunday, December 10

New England Patriots at Pittsburgh Steelers

Week 15: Sunday, December 17

Dallas Cowboys at Oakland Raiders

Week 15: Sunday, December 17

Great matchups that we don’t yet know about are still to come and of course the Super Bowl!

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