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Okay so Halloween is almost here! Do you know what types of costumes you will be marketing to your traffic both male and female? If your a great affiliate you know its all about the content and if you are one of our influencers we know your already snapping pictures with your favorite gear getting your media lined up for the big PUSH!

We can set the scene for your blog post ready? OK a beautiful Indian princess is lost in the Arizona desert (Or any desert) and she needs a strong big Cowboy (Who has to wear a black hat) to whisk her off her feat and help her get back to her parents who are very worried about her. (Cue the fantastic dinner in downtown LA for halloween date night) end chapter 1 hit que the plot twist of your hearts desire!!

Halloween is a fun time for adults to role play and if you happen to have 7 friends then take a lead from the movie "The Magnificent Seven" and truly be magnificent with a strong statement black hat.

Marketing with PPC this time of the year is going to yield you results we highly recommend that our PPC affiliates hit the long tail keywords and direct link to HatCountry through the affiliate program in LinkShare... If you have not yet signed up to be an affiliate and are interested in doing so the sign up link is here. affiliates and Influencers in Rakuten LinkShare did you know? HatCountry has many cool products that fit the mold for Halloween costume ideas including Black cowboy hats, Black cowboy Hats with skulls as well as a coolio Skull shirt.

Have fun as a HatCountry affiliate marketing these Halloween ideas!

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* Emailer? Get your emails ready and push products from the datafeed

* PopShops is a tool you can use with LiknkShare to assist you in setting up a Halloween storefront

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* PPC affiliates you are allowed to direct link with the HatCountry affiliate program in LinkShare

* Social Media Influencers and affiliate partners get your posts ready for Halloween!

* Check out the website for more inspirational marketing content ideas to help you get that conversion

Let your affiliate management team of know if you are a super affiliates who needs a custom Halloween campaign and we will get you set up.

Have fun with your Halloween marketing endevours!!

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