Affiliate Spotlight SaleCycle - Merchants want to recover lost sales?

SaleCycle is UK based global company founded in 2010 by CEO Dominic Edmunds, with offices in the USA, Singapore and France. It works with online companies to help them reconnect with consumers who have abandoned their shopping carts.

"Browse abandonment occurs when a visitor lands on your website, navigates past the homepage through to specific products or category pages, but then leaves the site without adding anything to their cart. It’s a significant challenge for ecommerce websites with the latest stats from Smart Insights – showing that the average ‘add to cart’ rate online is under 10%." (SOURCE:

SaleCycle wants to increase conversion rates, recover abandoned sales and drive customer loyalty. They do this in a few ways like using “FOMO” fear of missing out. This tactic uses live trends that can demonstrate how many folks have bought or viewed the product.

They also can use countdown timers showing deadline on sales or showing delivery dates, creating a sense of urgency and persuasion . Also using Promo Codes and product stock numbers which show the limited number of items.

All this works using a combination of smart tech and data algorithms. It tracks visitors behavior and makes real-time decisions based on data.

There is an opportunity for merchants to have a performance share of recovered opportunities.

If your interested go to the site and request a demo.


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