Attracting Super Performers to your Affiliate Program eh er Party!

Do you like to go to parties? Most people enjoy being invited out to a party but the term "party" is so ambiguous it leaves much to the imagination, so much so in fact that you might be wondering what on earth should you wear? Who will be there? And where will be the party be held? What time does the party start and when will it end? What is your incentive to go? Networking? Fun? Affiliate programs are similar in nature to hosting a party as far as developing the content and context around the environment or container of the program as if it were an "event."

The Largest parties can be found on the Largest Affiliate Networks, the affiliate networks supply the environment, they assist in dictating the terms of the rules for the party as well the affiliate network makes sure the party environment is functioning (tracking, paying commissions to affiliates, hosting media) and all you need to do as a merchant is pay to get in.

All of the famous above bar super affiliates (popular kids) attend the large affiliate networks so developing your own party (using an internal affiliate tracking software system) is pointless no one is going to find your little soiree that you just started, everyone has been at these big super parties (Active on the affiliate networks) for well over a decade.. So don't waste your time trying to recreate the super bowl you will not be able to pull in super partners away from the large advanced global affiliate networks to your affiliate tracking system ...

How do you attract Super affiliate performers to your Affiliate Program?

1. Join a large affiliate network so your program can actually be FOUND by the super performers 2. market your affiliate program as if it were a PRODUCT

3. Hire an agency such as to handle internal network push offer recruiting as well as external network recruiting and marketing as well as media and program communications

4. Hire an agency that has an established rolodex of thousands and thousands of super performance relationships

5. Develop strategies such as batch processing as well as pixel processing to attract super performers

6. Affiliate incentives and commissionable bonuses, multiple tiers, higher AOV packages and SKU based commissions attract super performers.

We have many merchants who contact us asking if we can manage their little party (Internal affiliate software ran programs) we do not and we simply offer merchants the opportunity (if your product line is fantastic, your funnel process is dialed in, your ROAS and conversion rates are there) - to introduce you to the popular kids who are attending the biggest parties on the planet (In the large affiliate networks) oh we got the tickets and we have them discounted.. Let us know if you would like to attend? ;-) HPC@


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