Affiliates + Influencers Who are Working on the Road + around the Globe!

One of the best aspects of working online as an affiliate or influencer marketer is that your work can be done from anywhere in the world. Whether it's your bedroom in Italy, your kitchen table in Mexico, a charming cafe in Venice or from your car using the wifi of a fast food joint or a Parisian Cafe. Your freedom as an affiliate marketer is awesome and it creates many opportunities for you to travel, but it can be tricky juggling globe trotting and keeping up with affiliate marketing and influencer marketing work tasks.

Here are some professional tips for keep your Productivity at high capacity while traveling.

Have a plan for Internet Connection. Hotel or coffee shop wifi can be very slow, and that could double or triple your screen time making for an unpleasant work experience. Options like mobile wifi, pocket wifi, creating a hot spot with your cell or MiFi are all worth looking into. Depending on what will work best with your devices.

Plan ahead for video meetings and phone calls. This one is priority for any professional. Scrambling at the last minute to find a connection for a Skype date or interview is something to avoid at all costs. Scope out locations for these meetings, look for a good connection, where you can talk and not disturb others or vice versa. Make sure you have a headphones. We recommend you try to organize your schedule and tasks.

Get your Influencer work done while on route. Working on planes, trains and buses is a smart way to pass the time, depending on if you get motion sickness. You can make use in-flight wifi and some buses also have it. Plan ahead and have any documents or files downloaded beforehand. This can be a productive time for emails, reports or anything really.

Make sure you have the right tools, this is crucial. Charges, adapters headphones/ headsets. Mini keyboards for phones or ipads are a great investment. Also anything for internet connection as mentioned above.

Work Ahead. Get as many tasks done ahead of time as you can. Working on things way before hand, gives you a cushion in case things go awry. This also frees up your time to adventure worry free.

Working and traveling can be invigorating!. Preparing ahead and scheduling your time well can make trips productive and fun, which is what its all about. Safe Travels affiliate and Influencer partners!

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