* Super Affiliate Spotlight - DubCandy Allow Influencers and Businesses to Earn Revenue from Shoppab

HPC Spotlight on Super Affiliate Partner DubCandy!

"For forward-thinking brands, they can unlock a distributed and independent group of creators who are able to not only create content but also drive direct sales for the brand.” says Hilton Barbour, CMO, dubdub. “The attribution layer of dubcandy also means that both influencers and brands can track and measure campaign success and refine accordingly. That’s a key benefit of dubcandy.” Data-driven campaigns have become the new norm, and now both influencers and brands are demanding a way to calculate and track the ROI of their video content.

Through dubcandy’s dashboard, influencers and brands can keep track of important success indicators to justify or even increase their rates." (SOURCE PRESS RELEASE: https://dubdub.com/dubdub-launches-dubcandy/)

“Platforms like dubsuite allow for the end-to-end creation process to be simple and effective. From editing videos on mobile with a few simple drags and taps, you’ve got a turnkey editing suite that you can pull out anywhere, anytime,” said Gloria Chik, dubdub partner influencer. “Layered on with the dubcandy app, you’ve enabled a monetization platform that starts with a simple idea. It’s perfect for people traveling and capturing, like myself for ROGUESTORIES.com.”

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