Affiliate Strategy - Pixel or Batch Processing?

The larger affiliate networks offer primarily two ways for merchants to process their affiliate sales that come from their respective affiliate partners. Pixel tracking and Batch processing. Strategically there are many reasons why you would go with one or the other (Sometimes both) do you know which processing system is right for your brand? We offer a free consultation for merchants who would like to know which one is right for them. Contact HPC Management here.

Pixel Tracking or Batch Processing

There are various reasons why you would choose one over the other. It really depends on your eCommerce platform as well as your end goals and the size of your team. Example if you have a large team that needs to scrum an MTD affiliates sales report by hand and reverse non qualified commissions or you can capture all sales without cookies or pixels via FTP batching only the qualified sales to the network. A professional needs to evaluate your situation and see which one would leverage the highest opportunity to increase your online sales via affiliate marketing.

Pieces don't move by themselves! Strategy start in the development of the tools and technologies we harness to make your brand a success.

If you have questions let us know we develop strategies for large brand affiliate programs across multiple networks. Contact HPC Management Inc


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