Retailer Affiliate Spotlight - Honey... Sweet with 3.5 Million + Shoppers!

If you are an online retailer looking to increase your sales with affiliate marketing then we have a super affiliate recommendation for you whom we work with for our client accounts.


What is Honey? you ask. Well, Honey is an extension that works with Chrome, Firefox, and Opera. It does many things including increasing your affiliate sales!!

* Honey instantly compares every Amazon seller to find you the best deal.

* Honey takes into account the item price, tax, shipping, seller rating, and Prime status.

* Honey automatically finds coupon codes for the site the consumer is shopping on that can be applied to their order when they check out

It seems easy enough to use, the consumers just install the browser, then they shop. When a coupon is available on a website the honey logo on the consumers web browser will light up.

Honey works with thousands of sites from Anne Taylor to Zappos. Honey has 4.8 Stars at the chrome web store. Which is really fantastic. Consumers love it and the merchants we manage love having Honey as an affiliate partner!

It is a free extension that is very popular with consumers and this affiliate is a power performer in the affiliate marketing industry! Coupons can save some serious $ Cash while shopping online. Honey makes it a lot easier to find them, a definite plus.

Join Honey Here!

Interested in working with this super affiliate partner? Contact to manage your affiliate program and your affiliate relationships.


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