HPC Welcomes New Hire Gina Fields as Affiliate Management Director

HPC Management Inc has hired Gina Fields to spearhead communications organization and management with our super affiliate partners and Influencers. Gina previously worked with Ms Paulson at her previous company for over 4 years and we are excited to have Gina work again with our team.

If you are a super affiliate or super star influencer and are interested in signing up for the programs we manage please reach out to Gina here.

Gina How Long have You Been Managing Affiliate Programs? I have been managing affiliate programs for 4 years, in all top networks such as LinkShare, Commission Junction, Pepperjam, ShareaSale, as well as social media channels and content marketing.

Gina What is your Favorite Animal?

My favorite animal is hands-down my little pound-mutt, ‘Mona’. She’s a grumpy old lady that keeps my computer chair warm while I’m getting more coffee, and protects me against evil squeaky toys and dangerous neighborhood squirrels.

Gina What is your Favorite Sport to Play?

Tennis vs Skiing: I’ll pick tennis any day of the week! Not only is it great cardio and toning, you get to be comfortable doing it. Skiing is just too cold *brrrrrr!* and they definitely weren’t thinking about comfort when they designed ski boots.

Gina What is Your Favorite Reporting KPI? Favorite KPI: Social Media Traffic & Conversions!

Gina Do You Have Other Insights In Influencer Marketing?

There are several ways to reach your customers - T.V., Radio, Newspapers, Online, Billboards, Direct; however, the single highest converting channel is Word of Mouth. When you need a haircut, you ask your friends for their stylist. When you want to go out to dinner, you check Yelp reviews to make sure you’ll have the perfect evening. Social Media is increasingly the highest determining factor for a company’s success, in that their online ‘buzz’ can make or break their sales projections. I like to consistently measure a company’s online temperature, and analyze data across all social media channels to see which ads are converting and why.

Reaching out to bloggers for custom feedback on a product, producing a new viral video, offering a limited time subscription sale - all of these are reaching new customers and generating interest in a company via Social Media.

Welcome aboard Gina!!


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