New Pepperjam Affiliate Program for Healthy Bladder Plus®

HPC Management Inc is excited to be launching a new affiliate program for our partners + Influencers in the PepperJam affiliate network. Our team is currently working on the affiliate terms of agreements, as well as the promotions calendar and all of the advertising campaigns which we will have for you as soon as the program is live. Check back here to our HPC Blog often to see new updates about this affiliate program.

About Healthy Bladder Plus®

Healthy Bladder Plus® is a dietary supplement and natural overactive bladder treatment for men and women who have problems with bladder control and urinary tract infections. Clinical trials have shown that women taking Healthy Bladder Plus® have experienced significant:

  • Natural UTI prevention

  • Relief from urinary urgency

  • Improvement in sleep due to reduced nighttime frequency

  • Improvement in bladder emptying

  • Reductions in leakage

  • Benefits in social confidence

  • Relief from embarrassing situations

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