Recruiting Influencers + Affiliates to a Program

Many of the top affiliate networks have ways for your (or our) affiliate management team to recruit affiliates and Influencers to your program from INSIDE the network. There is another way of recruiting affiliates and Influencers to your program OUTSIDE the network. We differentiate these two recruiting types as Intra-network recruiting and extra-network recruiting.

Extra-Network Recruiting

There are many types of tools for recruiting affiliates outside the network. Many affiliate + Influencer management agencies such as have strong lists of super affiliates from working in the industry over the years, but often times fresh influencers or blogger affiliates are needed as well in a program. A few of our favorite tools are mentioned in this article.


SpyFu is a valuable competitor analysis tool that our team uses to do competitor deep dives to see where their traffic is coming from. We are also able to pinpoint top competitor affiliates who we then recruit to our programs.


Scoutsee is an influencer and affiliate marketing platform that helps brands understand their real ROI. No more vanity metrics! It will report all sales and influencer commissions so you will know which influencers actually drive the most sales.


Run searches through their database of Twitter and Instagram influencers including names, descriptions, locations, follower counts, websites, and email addresses. Filter, sort, and add them to lists who you can then send emails to through their system. They offer a valuable service check them out!

There are many other tools we use to recruit affiliates and influencers to the affiliate programs we manage. Check back here for future posts as we dive into extra-network recruiting again.

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