Jewelry Affiliate + Influencer Program in ShareaSale | FlowerMoon® by KITTOUNE®

25% Commission on every sale! FlowerMoon® by KITTOUNE® is welcoming all affiliates + influencers to their program in ShareaSale if you are interested in earning a commission on the sales you bring to this brand please sign up here. If approved you will have access to their marketing media. Let your affiliate managers of HPC Affiliate management Inc know if you need something custom.

FlowerMoon® by KITTOUNE®

Vulnerable, mystical, and magical, there are so many meanings of flowers. FlowerMoon® preserves real flowers for eternity in gold- and silver-plated jewelry with colorful and luxurious cords and stones, with the aim of making boutique/designer luxury fashion jewelry affordable and attainable for all. Our handmade real flower jewelry has been featured in national fashion/lifestyle magazines such as OK! and Redbook!


- 25% COMMISSION! - Cookie 30 days - PPC: Yes, and direct linking is okay. - PPC: No brand term bidding please on FlowerMoon® and/or KITTOUNE®.

- Social media affiliates and bloggers are welcome!

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