Rakuten LinkShare Announces Multi Product Feeds for Merchants

Fantastic announcement today from Rakuten Marketing LinkShare concerning their ability to allow a merchant to upload multiple datafeed types in the LinkShare affiliate network. Probably something you would have in your hat of media must haves as far as a strategy lineup! This is an exciting announcement we thought we would share with you.. Read more at the LinkShare blog here

From Rakuten Linkshare Marketing Blog

"Rakuten Marketing is announcing a feature update to our existing Merchandiser Feeds! Our multiple product feed solution allows advertisers to set up additional feeds for different languages, currencies and product groupings within one MID. This update gives you the flexibility to better manage and distribute data feeds to your publisher partners. This solution will expand your ability to:

  • Upload feeds in different languages and currencies, helping to increase your global presence

  • Separate promotional and marketplace products from main feeds

  • Create feeds for a subset of products associated with a promotion, season, sale or holiday-themed offer

  • Create customized groupings, such as those containing high margin products or inventory intended for liquidation

The addition of multiple product feeds will simplify your feed distribution and improve your affiliate success."

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