Why Summer is a Great Time to Launch Your Affiliate Program (hint Q4 is coming!)

School is out for most parts of the USA and Summer is officially here! Why do affiliate marketing agencies and consultants recommend launching a new affiliate program in the summer? Here are some considerations.

Scaling Your Affiliate program for Q4 by Launching in the Summer!

Q4 is the busiest online shopping time of the year, if you launch your affiliate program in the summer you are preparing for scaling and recruiting affiliates for pre Q4.

* Tech integration is completed in the summer * Q4 promotional calendars and media can be developed pre Q4 * Affiliate bonus tiers set in place well ahead of Q4 * Media optimizations have time to occur pre Q4 * Spend this time on recruiting, recruiting, recruiting for your program

In affiliate marketing we want to be ahead of media promotional calendar deadlines, we normally plan months ahead of a quarter so if you want to reap the benefits of Holiday and Q4 sales for the many upcoming Holidays and for negotiating super affiliate placement opportunities you need to launch your program now!

Q4 Holidays to Consider Affiliate Program Media + Super Affiliate Placement

* Highlighted Holidays are recommended as a must market event - HPC Management includes Holiday media and all media development in our monthly managed services proposal.

October Events October 8 – Columbus Day October 31 – Halloween

November Events November 11 – Veteran’s Day November 23 – Thanksgiving November 24 – Black Friday November 27 – Cyber Monday

December Events December 9 – Hanukkah Begins (Sundown on the 8th) December 23 – Festivus December 25 – Christmas Day December 26 – Box Day December 26 – Kwanzaa Begins December 31 – New Year’s Eve

If you want a discount launching in a large network, if you want to take your program Global and if you want a team to manage your affiliate + influencer program contact HPC@HPCManagement.co


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