Launching an Affiliate Program in an Affiliate Network

Launching an affiliate program in an affiliate network requires strategy and planning. Before launching any marketing effort online it is imperative that you have a deep understanding of your product line, price point, inventory levels as well as your websites conversion rate. Preparing to lift off into affiliate marketing also requires you understand your competitors marketing mix, a SWOT can assist a merchant in determining viability into launching an affiliate program.

If you plan on purchasing an affiliate tracking solution that you plan on managing yourself, be prepared. Unlike a large affiliate network that already has thousands and thousands of global affiliate partners in their network, you will be forced to recruit affiliates on your own and that is not an easy task.

Some of the affiliate networks we manage are as follows, these affiliate networks already have thousands (and thousands) of affiliates and Influencers ready to market your brand.

Developing a launch strategy also includes your annual promotional calendar, promotional planning involves most Holidays as well as content for those promotions in the form of.

* Text links * Coupons * Banners * Emails * Contests * Blog Content

It is imperative to have a graphics and content development team and affiliate recruiter as well as a solid affiliate communications plan in place before launching an affiliate program.

There are many factors including choosing the right affiliate network. If you do not have an affiliate launch plan let us know we can set up a free phone consultation with you to see if affiliate marketing is right for your brand contact us at


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