Driving Revenue with Affiliate + Influencer Marketing

Imaginative relationships drive brand revenue in affiliate and Influencer marketing. The element of trust is imperative which is why many online merchants choose to work with an outsourced program management company to develop and manage these relationships. Relationships are built with factors such as trusting the conversion rate of a program, ensuring communications with affiliates includes the best possible offers etc.

Years ago there was a pretty famous affiliate manager, I am not sure if he is still around today and I wont mention his name but he was/is infamous for his affiliate relationship management style. He was funny, really funny, and a brilliant marketer who would send out such outrageous affiliate newsletters and emails that affiliates signed up in droves to the affiliate programs he managed just to read his hilarity. It worked and it worked well. I even signed up just to see what type of communications he was sending. Affiliates trusted he would negotiate the best offers from the merchants he managed and did not hold back in getting those offer details the affiliates he managed in a style that made marketing fun.

Driving affiliates and influencers to your affiliate program and getting them active is an art, we market the affiliate programs as if they were a product to potential affiliate partners. Hosting affiliate contests, ensuring affiliate communications is fun - engaging and informative as well as developing promotional strategies that assist the affiliates in earning that commission on a sale all vital aspects of good pro active affiliate + influencer management.

The strategies that go into developing an award winning affiliate program involve many factors and a five week action plan can assist the affiliate management team in scoping out imaginative ideas for growing and scaling an affiliate program, driving growth, driving sales into unparalleled territories.

Imagination drives growth ...


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