HatCountry Affiliate + Influencer Promotions Summer and Father's Day!

HatCountry Affiliate + Influencer Promotions Summer and Father's Day!

We are really starting to feel the Summer Fun coming up and also Father’s Day. To celebrate these awesome occasions we have a whole bunch of new coupons for the month of June.

SUMMER10 - 10% off $100 or more

DAD10 - 10% off $100 or more

SUNSAVER5 - 5% off all orders

HATCOUNTRY5 - 5% off all orders

FUN15 - 15% off $150 or more. Excludes 4-8 week production items.

17SUMSIZZLE - 17% off $200 or more (no exclusions based on production time)

There are over 30 new coupon text links for HatCountry.com affiliates + Influencers live in LinkShare. In addition to all the new coupons, HatCountry is excited to have integrated with TwoTap in LinkShare. This amazing technology component creates a Universal shopping cart: where consumers can order multiple products from multiple retailers within one checkout interface. This advanced development shows real-time product data, allowing shoppers to make accurate buying decisions. Two Tap is affiliate ready and supports LinkShare fully. This company helps publishers and retailers increase sales conversions for mobile and traditional online purchases across millions of products. Learn more at TwoTap.com or ask us! Enjoy the Start of Summer!

Join the HatCountry.com affiliate program and sign up in www.LinkShare.com earn 6% commission on every sale with the HatCountry.com affiliate program in the LinkShare affiliate network.

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