Affiliate Marketing - Choosing an Affiliate Network Based on Merchant Vertical

Fashion, apparel, shoes, jewelry, handbags, travel, dress, electronics, furniture, luggage, health + fitness, kids apparel, toys, verticals to name a few are our favorites to manage affiliate programs for. CPA affiliate programs are very different from a lead generation or short run offer based affiliate program.

The top affiliate networks for the aforementioned verticals are primarily LinkShare, Commission Junction, Commission Factory, Pepperjam and ShareaSale. These are the top in class affiliate networks for these verticals, especially if you plan on taking your affiliate program global. The types of affiliates in these networks are dedicated performers, seasoned and at the top of their game, this is VERY different affiliate marketing if you compare it to offer or lead based programs whose affiliate marketing style is completely different from these verticals and who launch in networks such as Clickbank.

Choosing an Affiliate Network Based on Vertical

Some of the factors to consider are as follows when choosing an affiliate network to launch your affiliate program within.

1. Competitors in your vertical category

This can be a good thing, if many of your top line competitors are in a specific affiliate network then your strategy could be to offer a commission higher then your competitors and go after all of their affiliate partners. You can also beat them with better media, offers, and communications strategies.

2. Network discounts you are able to obtain

Many affiliate management agencies such as ourselves negotiate deals for our clients new affiliate program launches. The trick is we know which networks performs best for each vertical, we ensure our clients are launched in the right network so our clients are happy and stick with us as a managed services provider for a long time. The networks know this and offer us deals to launch clients in their networks.

3. How long do you plan on having and affiliate marketing channel open?

Most affiliate network contracts are for a year minimum, if you are a solid brand within these verticals that expects to grow your brand and market effectively you should look at affiliate marketing in your ten and 20 year plan. Affiliate marketing for mid to larger brands and is NOT a short term marketing solution, it takes TIME to build an affiliate marketing base and continually optimize and increase affiliate revenue.

4. Which affiliate network technologies is right for your vertical?

If you plan on building custom affiliate widgets that are integrated with a networks API then you have some thinking to do. Do you want to easily integrate affiliate videos? Or is your product datafeed something you would like to integrate into Influencer Instagram linking strategies? There is a lot to consider before choosing a network.

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