Should You Allow Affiliates to Direct Link Search Traffic?

I was managing an affiliate program for a very large dress company out of New York City, the sales were phenomenal but I knew there was more we could do. So we opened up Paid search and allowed affiliates to direct link their search traffic and use the brands domain in the display URL. So what happened? We Controlled The Affiliates Search Traffic Conversions! With the affiliates PPC traffic coming directly to the brand - we now controlled the relationship with the consumer! * PPC Affiliates targeted specific categories and products on the site via long tail terms, sales and conversion rates increased. * Affiliates no longer had to compete against the brands ads. Many engines only allows one ad per company (Linked to the company page) on a keyword so this way our ads were up on keywords we were already placed for, leaving the affiliates to go after long tail terms where we did not have ads. * Our client now had control over the traffic and didn't have to pay for the click, the client only paid for advertising when there was a valid sale via the affiliate. * This client took control of the affiliates traffic by allowing direct linking and it increased the clients sales and lessoned the chance of brand confusion in search. Your Brand Terms are SAFE! Brand terms in most instances are not allowed to be bid on by affiliate partners. Affiliates honor our terms of agreements so they don't get in trouble with the affiliate networks (Or with us)! PPC affiliates do not jeopardize relationships especially when they are profitable. PPC affiliates know we have monitoring tools now that alert us to any of this behavior. Paid Search Affiliates Traffic - Where else would you want the Traffic to go? Where else would you want your brands traffic to go? Do you want your affiliate to attempt to create a landing page for this traffic and convert it? Or would you rather control the traffic on your website? PPC Affiliates Did you know?

Some companies actually have their affiliates do all the PPC marketing for them, this way the brand only pays on a sale not a CPC! Most of the PPC affiliates who spend money in search are large PPC agencies who are extremely reputable and know how to professionally market your brand. As a brand staying in control of consumer traffic means allowing PPC affiliates to direct link their search traffic directly to YOU! Have questions about affiliates in paid search? Reach out to

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