Finding The Right Influencers for Your Brand!

Finding the right mix of brand ambassadors can be daunting if you do not have a recruiting and management team. There are many tools on the market now where you can find many different influencers based on how they market a brand. An important thing to note when you are creating your influencer list is this, who is a great influencer for your brand? How will you organize the influencer relationship? How many Influencers do you want to manage?

Influencer Strategy Considerations

Ensuring your targeting criterium is dialed in before you go after that list, which influencers would be right for your brand and which payment method would be right for your budget? We recommend the following items are considered in the development of your influencer marketing campaign strategy development.

Discover + Match

Locate Influencers who you can then target consumers based on geographic, demographic, historical performance and interest graph data. The right marketing mix of Influencer partners can ensure your brand is going to run an organized Influencer program with the right mix of content and Influencers.

Run, Analyze, Optimize

Run a storybook program and measure the effectiveness of those programs using a CPC (Cost per click) CPA (Cost per action) or there are opportunities for paid placement and sponsorships. Overtime your brand will build a strong understanding of which programs performed best.

Optimizing your future flights, means taking off right the first time! Questions? reach out to us at

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