CJ Announces Cross-Device Solution: An Affiliate Game Changer

The HPC team is diving into this new technology - Learn more about CJ's Cross Device Solution > Here

What is Cross-Device Tracking?

Cross-Device Tracking looks for clicks and impressions on all of a customer’s devices when correlating transactions. Within affiliate, you've historically only been able to see and commission an order from a single device. Now, a customer can use multiple devices on their shopping journey and CJ will attribute the transaction regardless of the final device. All Program Term settings, such as referral period and commission rate, will still apply.

For example, a user clicks on a CJ link on a publisher’s website on their smartphone, browses for a product, but does not immediately make a purchase. The next day, the same user navigates directly to the advertiser’s website from their personal computer and completes a purchase. With cross-device tracking enabled, CJ would track the purchase across devices and the commission the publisher.

How does Cross-Device Tracking work?

Cross-Device Tracking leverages industry-leading technology that matches individual customers to their many devices. By combining anonymized first-party data with third-party data and 80 billion daily online interactions, we can develop a persistent consumer ID. This approach offers highly accurate views of consumers as they move between their devices, channels, and media formats.

Our access to anonymized offline customer data is one of the key differentiating factors for CJ's Cross-Device solution. It is not only the most accurate solution in the affiliate industry, but it also has the largest number of unique customer profiles, meaning CJ can recognize more customers with more certainty than anyone else. When will Cross-Device become live network wide?

On July 18, 2017, CJ will make Cross-Device part of our standard tracking offering (US and Canada) and will automatically enable all advertisers that have Cross-Device compatible integrations in the US and Canada.

Learn more about CJ's Cross Device Solution > Here

If you are interested in launching an affiliate + Influencer marketing campaign in Commission Junction reach out to your HPC Management Inc team here.

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