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Affiliate + Influencers find out about the Rakuten LinkShare Curate tool designed for YOU!

The Rakuten LinkShare Curate tool is a link publishing tool found in the PORTFOLIO tab of the RAKUTEN LinkShare Publisher Dashboard it is in beta testing with publishers in the US, UK, CA, and AU networks. If you have access to this new tool in your publisher dashboard, you will find some helpful instructions below. You might also want to learn about Automate - an automatic affiliate link generator tool, also found in the PORTFOLIO tab.

Curate is a tool (or widget) that enables you to easily search through your approved advertisers' available products. You can then save these products as galleries and publish these galleries as showcases on your site using JavaScript code provided by the tool. You are limited to your approved advertisers. If you would like to publish products from an advertiser you are not currently partnered with, you need to be accepted into the advertiser's program and then you’ll see that advertiser's products. Curate is currently available only in English, and only in the US, UK, CA, and AU networks.


Discover relevant products to display alongside your content to better engage your visitors. Boost your site content with relevant products from your advertisers. Curate is a product discovery tool that enables you to easily find products from all of your advertisers. You’ll then be able to set up those products as shoppable galleries which can be published on your site.


Searching for products and generating commissionable product links across all your approved advertisers is easier than ever. With Curate, you have access to all of your advertisers' products through one interface. The products themselves have been set up with all the necessary commissionable links so when each link is clicked from your site, you are credited when an eligible sale is made.

There are two aspects to the Curate tool:

Galleries and Showcases.

* A gallery is a collection of products you put together. Any products you save will go into a new gallery or into an existing gallery you specify.

* A showcase is the version of your gallery that is publishable. A showcase will use a specific gallery's products. You will specify which gallery you want to design and the products in the showcase will be from that gallery.

Affiliate partners and Influencers can create some fantastic galleries for their traffic! If you have used this tool and have a live blog post it in the comments so we can see your gallery!

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