What is the PMA? - Performance Marketing Association

What is the PMA? This article isn’t about Positive Mental Attitude the PMA Im referring to is is a nonprofit founded in 2008. The Performance Marketing Association represents the Performance Marketing industry and is on a mission to champion and protect accountable performance marketing.

According to thepma.org the main goals of the Association are:

* To promote the growth of the industry * Help model standards and best-practices

* Advocate on behalf of the businesses that comprise the performance marketing industry

So what does that mean for people in the marketing industry? It means they now have access to a space to learn, share and communicate on a global scale. This platform provides performance marketers with the tools, information and support they need to grow their businesses. Sounds Interesting, Right? But this space of collective knowledge, resources and tips is only available to members of the PMA.

There are 4 memberships to choose from, ranging from $149 to $5,000 a year, each membership has a different level of access and benefits. Learn more about the PMA by clicking here!

Peter Figueredo the CEO and co-founder, NETexponent had this to say about the PMA: “I have seen the benefits of PMA educational efforts around internet tax law. The PMA has helped to demystify the tax laws and galvanize groups of people to fight them. All online shoppers and advertisers benefit from that effort”

There are innumerable benefits of the PMA and it definitely is worth learning more about if you're in the Industry.


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