So Your Going to Install your Own Affiliate Tracking Software?

Affiliate + influencers want to work with you, they want to meet you on an even playing field and that field is in the big affiliate networks!

If you think you are going to sign up for inexpensive affiliate tracking software and you think your going to have influencers and affiliates find you and sign up to work with you directly, well you might want to consider a few of these things.

The big affiliate networks already have hundreds and hundreds of thousands of affiliates all over the world in their network. You really think you can throw a bigger party?

The affiliate and Influencer marketing channel is about trust and making money is about time, do you really think a super affiliate is going to find you? An affiliate or influencer needs to trust that you can afford to pay them on those sales. That you have the inventory to back those sales up, and that the $50 per month affiliate software you purchased is functioning properly. They also have to trust you wont login and reverse their commissions, there is no one to oversea your actions or theirs.

A third party affiliate network mitigates the dynamics around the merchant + affiliate trust issues as merchant vetting and affiliate vetting is taken care of and third party oversight is set in place!

Third party networks provide the oversight for both the merchants and the affiliate and influencer partners. OPM's also called affiliate management agencies such as HPC Management Inc ensures the ethics and obligations by all parties are held up, we manage the dynamics of the relationship between all parties, the media, communications, recruiting, and more.

Why Big Affiliate Networks are Worth Every Penny!

Third party networks are responsible for commissions, tracking, legal terms of agreements, media hosting, coupon serving, API's, product feeds, etc you really want your company to take this legal and financial responsibility on? The big networks have technologies that a lower cost affiliate software does not, you can not compete with advanced proven technologies that have been around, adapted and improved upon for over 2 decades.

Examples of Third Party Affiliate + Influencer Networks We Manage for Clients

Hiring an Affiliate Management and Influencer Recruiting Team?

If you are working with a reputable agency partner with a sweet rolodex that took over a decade to build you will be introduced to profitable affiliate and Influencer relationships who were proven performers on our other accounts.

There are many factors that are dependent on your affiliate programs success, we highly recommend you consult with a reputable affiliate marketing person with at least 10 years or affiliate marketing experience before you attempt to launch an affiliate or influencer program or hire untrained staff members.

Which Network Is Most Popular with Fashion Merchants?

Unless you have agency side experience managing many clients within many networks you will not know how each network performs.

* Which network has the most affiliates?

* Which network has the best API tools?

* Which network has advanced media integration? * Which network is best for lead generation? * Which network includes phone sales tracking? * Which network has internal recruiting features?

The list is almost endless!

Find out which affiliate and influencer network is best suited to your brand and what type of network discounts we can obtain for you - contact HPC Management Inc

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