Influencer Campaign Management Tips

Influencer marketing is most effective when there is a process for locating influencers in either a target location or demographic. The audience to whom the influencer is interacting with is key. HPC Management uses many different Influencer management tools for locating Influencers by many different reach factors.

Identifying the right influencers

What topic of discussion is your desired influencer reach? Examples of topics are below, however there are many more to choose from! We can organize campaigns and the media based on a specific topic reach. There are many merchants who choose to have more then one Influencer campaign run at a time so they can test campaigns against each other for effectiveness.

Pin Point The Influencers that are right for you

Understanding influencer targeting is vital to ensuring your brands relationship building with influencers is going to be productive. There are millions of influencers and many tools for finding them. The strategy in location and reaching out as well as effectively communicating and managing the relationship is the area that most fail.

It is a continuous process of locating, communicating, and maintaining a relationship with your influencer partners.

HPC Management can drill down influencers by social media network, Geo location, Influencer follower range, post frequency and much more!

Brand Energy Exchange with Influencers

Okay! We have a list of targeted influencers we want to reach out to and have work with us as brand ambassadors. Some questions to ask before you attempt to establish a relationship.

1. How are we going to pay them? What is the energy exchange here?

2. What media and products will we ask them to promote?

3. Who is our point person who will organize all of the communications and promotions?

4. How do we track influencers performance? Is it worth it?

5. Do you want to entice the influencer to sign up for your affiliate program?

There are many more points to consider this is a basic overview of items that should be considered in your overall influencer marketing campaign strategy. Let us know if you have any questions?

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