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"How do you create affiliate or influencer sales tracking links to specific product pages?" - Our affiliate + Influencer program management team gets asked this question all the time. Each affiliate network has different tools for affiliates to use to implement specific strategies such as deep linking to any page on a merchants site. CJ Affiliate by Conversant network has a Deep Link Generator tool for publishers and here is a little information on how it works.

You must first be signed up in as an affiliate partner and approved for the merchants program whose deep links you are attempting to create - you can sign up here. The CJ Deep Link Generator tool works with your computers Bookmarks toolbar and is currently supported on the following browsers, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE9 and IE10.

Watch the Video to See How it Works!

Which affiliate network is right for your brand? Do you want new customers? Managing affiliate and influencer programs is what we do, if you have questions email us and we will schedule a free 30 minute consultation with you.

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