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Managing Influencers

Managing Influencer Instagram sales can be daunting as well as managing the communications as well as the overall monitoring of Influencer images to ensure brand guidelines are adhered to. The effectiveness of Influencers should primarily be gauged not on the views or clicks (Those can be purchased) but the actual sales the influencer brings in. There are many ways of tracking influencer sales and here is one of them.

PepperJam Affiliate Network and Content Curator

In the PepperJam network there is the Content Curator (Affiliates can find the link under the multi channel tab once they login to PepperJam). Curator works with Like2Buy and influencers can load photos to Instagram representing merchant products. If the affiliate/influencer is approved for the merchants affiliate program the affiliate can choose the appropriate merchant product and append a link for the consumers to click to purchase the product through the networks affiliate links.

There are many other ways of tracking online sales, let us know if you would like to have a 30 minute free consultation

Here is an example using my Instagram account for SKECHERS USA account in PepperJam.

1. After logging into my PepperJam and choosing the content curator link to open my account I pick the Instagram photo with SKECHERS shoes in it. See (NOTE: 1.) at bottom of page.

2. The image is automatically added to my personal Instagram Like2buy shopping page (I only have one image on this page it can be filled up with many images) example page here

3. The consumer can see my post and can click on the link and is tracked to SKECHERS product purchase page!

(NOTE: 1.)

In this example I used a pair of regular slippers as a demo - it is important that the affiliate/influencer matches up to the right merchant product to the right purchase page otherwise there could be consumer satisfaction issues so a few points here.

1. It is imperative that YOU KNOW who your influencers are inside your network or as you are recruiting them to your affiliate program.

2. I recommend communicating with your influencers and let them know which products to push through Instagram. Check their Instagram feeds to ensure they are they directing consumers to the right page, right product etc.

3. The Influencer will need an example products to use in their images - make sure they have what they need to market your brand in Instagram as an affiliate.

4. Higher level influencers will need more support make sure your team is ready to assist them with this as well as other tools so your influencers have the right mix of media and messages from your affiliate management team.

5.Influencers should be enhancing your brand, if their Instagram feed or tactics are not up to par get them out of your program after you have identified them.

Questions about affiliate and Influencer marketing and management? Let us know!

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