Influencer Sales Tracking without it - Your Throwing Spaghetti at a Wall!

Influencers (Affiliates, Brand ambassadors, partners,) whatever you would like to call them who are marketing your brand to achieve a goal (Hopefully that is actual sales and not just traffic fodder) need to be managed as well their sales need to be tracked. Otherwise what's the point?

Do they have the right offers and media strategies put in place to actualize the impact of their traffic into sales? How are you tracking those sales? Who is managing the relationships and the media?

The bottom line is converting traffic into sales. We know some of the other agencies will have you believe that throwing money at an influencer and counting traffic and clicks for brand awareness is a key objective but the traffic is a mute point if that traffic does not convert.

Influencers unique visitors and reach of traffic can be gamed by being purchased, as well many of the influencers do not have credible followers. You can solve this problem by tracking and paying an influencer based on actual sales, this is called CPA (Cost per acquisition) based marketing and this online pay per performance schema has been around well over 20 years.

Welcome affiliate (Influencer) marketing and sales tracking! There are ways of tracking real influencer sales and without this key metric your throwing spaghetti at the wall!

Big Networks The top networks for tracking are LinkShare RAKUTAN, Commission Junction, PepperJam, ShareaSale, Commission Factory, and a few others. Inside these networks you will find hundreds of thousands of bloggers, professional paid search agencies, super traffic sites, influencers in social media, as well as emailers and many many other partners who are ready to get paid a commission on a sale.

What do we do?

We manage this entire process of developing your program within these networks, we build your relationships with your "Influencers, affiliates, partners, brand ambassadors", we create all of the required media, offers, and scale as well as report and optimize your program within these networks. A strategy must be set in place as well as a strong recruiting team to develop relationships is imperative, yes in this channel size matters and we are always scaling and optimizing your program...

Stop throwing spaghetti at the wall!

If you choose to track your influencer (Affiliate) relationships independently outside of the big networks, we can offer an in-house param value tracking solution or phone tracking, as well as a promo code tracking solution. Let us know if you want to chat!

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