What is a Super Affiliate? Does 20 million double opt In emails give you a clue!

I am always surprised when in the year 2017 people still profess to be internet marketers yet have no understanding of the affiliate channel or what a super affiliate is. Did you know affiliate or CPA (Cost per acquisition/action) based online advertising is the Holy Grail of online monetization types? You only pay when there is a sale, it doesn't get much better then that! Now finding the person's or an agency that has spent years developing super affiliate relationships in this space and whom have these super affiliate relationships they can introduce you to is the key. An agency can see into many networks and accounts and we can spot a super affiliate! We also spend most of our time developing super affiliate relationships, relationships are KEY to affiliate marketing.

These days the large affiliate networks such as LinkShare RAKUTAN and Commission Junction have technologies that prevent affiliatefraud and offer the potential to expand your sales to a global marketplace and you only pay when you have an actual sale. The trick is you need an affiliate management team that knows how to recruit affiliates, develop the right offers for those affiliates (SO they actually run them) and negotiate placement and offers for super affiliates.

What's a Super Affiliate?

A super affiliate is an agency, sub network, application, person, or group of people who use various types of online marketing or who are highly specialized in some form of online advertising that can bring you lot's of targeted traffic and increase your sales.

Examples of Super Affiliates we work with.

1. Mobile shopping application with over 20 Million double opt in consumer emails 2. Video advertising network 15 Million unique monthly views

3. Consumer Shopping Portal 13 million consumer paid memberships

the list goes on and on...

Our goal in affiliate marketing is to align you (The client) with the most rewarding affiliate relationships in the industry gaining you top level exposure. However the super affiliates will not work with you if you have a poorly constructed affiliate program, are slow at developing media, do not know how to negotiate offers. It is imperative that the your affiliate program and any exclusive partner offers are developed with attracting super affiliates in mind.

Contact HPCManagement.co if you would like us to introduce you to our super affiliate partners and manage your brands media in the affiliate marketing space.

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