Mothers Day with Affiliate Program

FlowerMoon® by KITTOUNE® Affordable Luxury Fashion Jewelry & Accessories Affiliate Program in ShareaSale

FlowerMoon®, whose products are designed and completed in the USA, is revolutionizing the jewelry industry with this concept of affordable luxury fashion jewelry, providing incredible value and unique designs with luxury quality and branding to women who desire to celebrate happiness and their eternal spirit by wearing our eternal real flower jewelry.

On that note, 10% of profits are donated each year to initiatives supporting mental health research and treatment.

We have created some fantastic media for bloggers, social media affiliates, PPC search marketers, as well as ad display purchaser affiliates and emailers.

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We invite your traffic to "Wear. Your. Wonderland." with FlowerMoon® jewelry!



- Cookie 30 days

- PPC: Yes, and direct linking is okay.

- PPC: No brand term bidding please on FlowerMoon® and/or KITTOUNE®.

- Social media affiliates and bloggers are welcome!

We are excited to work with you!

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