Affiliate Program Management - Tips <3

Here are a few affiliate program management tips before you launch your affiliate program in a large affiliate network, if you have any affiliate marketing questions and want to know if your brand is ready for affiliate marketing reach out to HPC Management here.

Affiliate Program Management Tips

1. TALK to a professional before you sign an affiliate network contract! Every affiliate network is different and agencies such as us have insight into each one of them, we know which network(s) are best for fashion, or sports, or lead generation.

2. An affiliate management agency can get you network discounts that you will not be able to negotiate or obtain for yourself.

3. Your TOA's need to be written properly, if you do not understand what I am talking about then you should probably give us a call before you attempt to launch an affiliate program.

4. Set it and forget it will not work, you need a PRO active team to manage your affiliate program which means, fresh media, fresh links, recruiting, communications, super affiliate partner negotiations and much more!

5. Optimize recruit optimize - scale! The right media message and mix of communications will get attention to your affiliate program. We recommend you have a team manage an affiliate Twitter account for your brand as well as Instagram to get attention to your affiliate program.

6. SWOTT before you launch! Run a SWOTT in your chosen affiliate network before you launch. We recommend that you check your competitors TOA's, media, affiliate lists, PPC Kw's before going live, are you offering 1% more in commission? Stand out in your network category with a logo and let all of your competitors affiliates know your launching with a 1% comm higher offer!

7. Did you know some networks you can be in more then 1 vertical category? If you do this you will get more exposure in the affiliate network and can recruit more affiliates faster.

8. If you are doing push offers in the big retail affiliate networks to recruit affiliates we recommend you send a coupon with a sweet message along with it so your affiliate sign up rate is higher.

9. Swapping out fresh coupons also means new text links with the coupons added every 3 weeks or so. A new crop of fresh 50 text links is a good start. Quarterly media is separate from refresher bi weekly media organize your media calendars before you launch!

10. Are you prepared to create custom graphics? Magazine ads? Custom videos and other media that the super affiliates will ask you for? Get your graphics and digital asset management systems ready before you launch your affiliate program. You will need blogger and social media for super partners also.

Successful affiliate programs that scale and are profitable take a team with time and knowledge! Let us know if you have any questions about these affiliate program management tips or if you have an affiliate marketing related questions by emailing us here.


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